4 bedrooms

5 bathrooms

8 guests

470 m2


This old ceramic workshop has been reformed into a wonderful 500 Sq Ft house, with a peaceful quartz pool. It is at walking distance from the Quadrado and therefore in the heart of this small town.

The house is fully equipped to satisfy even the most demanding guests. It has a large kitchen and dining room to host fantastic dinners. The furniture are made out from local stones and woods and crafted by artisans from the region.


1 cook, 2 maid and 1 gardener


Priceless home designed a walking distance from the Trancoso center. We love the large windows and the large bedrooms. The quartz pool designed by a luxurious garden with bananas trees and flowers is a must.



 Home Office

 Maid Service



High Season 2024 Réveillon Low Season 2024
Daily BRL 5.500 + 10% staff BRL 21.000 + 10% staff BRL 4.500 + 10% staff
Minimum Stay 5 nights 10 nights 05 nights


Considered the heart of Trancoso, Quadrado is a beautiful lawn with a white church in the center, with lively restaurants and shops. At the very back of the church is the observatory, with an amazing view, especially during the full moon. In Quadrado is where everything happens. The numerous bars, with outdoor seating for those who want to enjoy the view, begin to open in the early evening and candles illuminate the whole Square, making the city even more charming.

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