Villa Buriti

Praia do Espelho

5 bedrooms

6 bathrooms

10 guests

1000 m2


Just steps above the Espelho beach, this house offers one of the most stunning ocean views of Bahia and it is located 45 minutes away from Trancoso and only 20 minutes away from Caraíva, a charming fishing village. The house sits among verdant gardens and tropical forest that form a seductive backdrop and the sounds of the ocean competes only with the bird songs. 

The main house has its doors and windows shaped from reclaimed wood from nearby Bahian farms. The atmosphere inside is open with a long balcony overlooking the pool and ocean. A flowing mix of indoor and outdoor living, the tropical Bahian lifestyle. Arranged around the garden and facing the pool are the private houses and bungalows, each one with its own private living area, kitchen, and suite.

The decor is a mix of antiques and customized pieces created from reclaimed elements such as old fishing boats and sails, antique farm equipment, Pataxó crafts, and handmade ceramics.



Daily breakfast and daily cleaning


We love the fantastic views of the house


Reveillon 22/23
Daily BRL 51.860 + 15% tax
Minimum Stay 7

Praia do Espelho

Praia do Espelho is an exotic beach located a few miles from Trancoso.

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