5 bedrooms

5 bathrooms

10 guests

450 m2


With breathtaking views of the beach, this home features five fantastic suites decorated with neutral tones and large bathrooms.

The open living room is the perfect place to enjoy your day and chill out after the beach. This home has a fabulous private space at the beach where the staff prepares delicious lunch and where you can rest all day long.

The home also has a professional kitchen located near the pool where all the meals are prepared. You will also have a small kitchen inside the house for your comfort.


1 cook and 1 cleaning lady


This home has the perfect combination between a breathtaking view and the beachfront service provided by the talented staff of the house. Enjoy a fantastic seafood lunch at your private dining table with comfortable couches and a private toilet.





Low Season High Season New Year
Daily BRL 5.000 BRL 6.000 BRL 17.900
Minimum Stay 5 nights 5 nights 10 nights


Itapororoca is a charming and calm beach located around 2 km from Quadrado.

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