4 bedrooms

4 bathrooms

8 guests

350 m2



Featured in Casa Vogue, Elle Decoration UK, and Real Living Australia, this four suites home is balanced with just the right mix of glass, wood, and cement.

The house sits on a dead-end street, where mature Mango and Eugenia trees rise above. The main house features a living room, an open kitchen and two bedrooms. There are also two suites apart from the main house, with a private entrance and a cozy environment.

Only a 4-minute walk to Quadrado, it features a fantastic pool in the middle of the home and a raw environment that is hard to forget.


1 Cleaning Lady & Daily Gardner.


This property is a real vision of rustic bohemian chic. The decor is authentic, rich in details and impresses anyone coming to visit it. We love the pool located in the center of the house and the cozy environment of the home.



 Home Office

 Maid Service


High Season Low season
Daily BRL under consult BRL under consult
Minimum Stay 5 5


Considered the heart of Trancoso, Quadrado is a beautiful lawn with a white church in the center, with lively restaurants and shops. At the very back of the church is the observatory, with an amazing view, especially during the full moon. In Quadrado is where everything happens. The numerous bars, with outdoor seating for those who want to enjoy the view, begin to open in the early evening and candles illuminate the whole Square, making the city even more charming.

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